Configuring Nette

An overview of all configuration options in the Nette Framework.

The various components of Nette are configured using configuration files. These are usually written in NEON format, whose syntax see here. We recommend editors that support this format for editing.

 application: 	Application
constants: Defines PHP constants
database: Database
decorator: Decorator
di: DI Container
extensions: Install additional DI extensions
forms: Forms
http: HTTP Headers
includes: Including files
latte: Latte
mail: Mailing
parameters: Parameters
php: PHP configuration options
routing: Routing
security: Access Control
services: Services
session: Session
tracy: Tracy Debugger

If you use a string that starts with @ or has % anywhere in it, you need to escape it by adding another @ or %.

version: 4.0 3.x 2.x