Configuring Database

Overview of configuration options for the Nette Database.

Single Connection

Configure a single database connection:

	# DSN, only mandatory key
	dsn: "sqlite2:%appDir%/Model/demo.db"
	user: ...
	password: ...

It creates services of type Nette\Database\Connection and also Nette\Database\Context for the Database Explorer layer. The database connection is usually passed by autowiring, if this is not possible, use the service names @database.default.connection resp. @database.default.context.

Other settings:

	# shows database panel in Tracy Bar?
	debugger: ...     # (bool) defaults to true

	# shows query EXPLAIN in Tracy Bar?
	explain: ...      # (bool) defaults to true

	# to enable autowiring for this connection?
	autowired: ...    # (bool) defaults to true for first connection

	# table conventions: discovered, static, or class name
	conventions: discovered  # (string) defaults to 'discovered'

		# to connect to the database only when needed?
		lazy: ...     # (bool) defaults to false

		# PHP database driver class
		driverClass:  # (string)

		# you can list the options found in the PDO driver documentation

Multiple Connections

In the configuration we can define more database connections by dividing them into named sections:

		dsn: 'mysql:host=;dbname=test'
		user: root
		password: password

		dsn: 'sqlite2::memory:'

Each defined connection creates services that includes section name in their name, ie @database.main.connection & @database.main.context and further @database.another.connection & @database.another.context.

Autowiring is enabled only for services from the first section. This can be changed with autowired: false or autowired: true. Non-autowired services are passed by name:

	- UserFacade(@database.another.connection)
version: 4.0 3.x 2.x