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URL Parser and Builder

The Url and UrlScript classes make it easy to manage, parse, and manipulate URLs.


composer require nette/http


The Nette\Http\Url class makes it easy to work with the URL and its individual components, which are outlined in this diagram:

scheme  user  password  host   port    path        query  fragment
  |      |      |        |      |       |            |       |
/--\   /--\ /------\ /-------\ /--\/----------\ /--------\ /----\
    |               |
 hostUrl        authority

URL generation is intuitive:

use Nette\Http\Url;

$url = new Url;
	->setQueryParameter('foo', 'bar');

echo $url; // 'https://localhost/edit?foo=bar'

You can also parse the URL and then manipulate it:

$url = new Url(

The following methods are available to get or change individual URL components:

Setter Getter Returned value
setScheme(string $scheme) getScheme(): string 'http'
setUser(string $user) getUser(): string 'john'
setPassword(string $password) getPassword(): string 'xyz*12'
setHost(string $host) getHost(): string ''
setPort(int $port) getPort(): ?int 8080
setPath(string $path) getPath(): string '/en/download'
setQuery(string|array $query) getQuery(): string 'name=param'
setFragment(string $fragment) getFragment(): string 'footer'
  getAuthority(): string ''
  getHostUrl(): string ''
  getAbsoluteUrl(): string full URL

We can also operate with individual query parameters using:

Setter Getter
setQueryParameter(string $name, $val) getQueryParameter(string $name)

Method isEqual(string|Url $anotherUrl): bool tests whether the two URLs are identical.



The Nette\Http\UrlScript class is a descendant of Url and additionally distinguishes these logical parts of the URL:

     baseUrl    basePath  relativePath  relativeUrl
        |          |        |               |
                       |              |
                  scriptPath       pathInfo

The following methods are available to get these parts:

Getter Returned value
getScriptPath(): string '/admin/script.php'
getBasePath(): string '/admin/'
getBaseUrl(): string ''
getRelativePath(): string 'script.php'
getRelativeUrl(): string 'script.php/pathinfo/?name=param#footer'
getPathInfo(): string '/pathinfo/'

We do not create objects UrlScript directly, but the method Nette\Http\Request::getUrl() returns it.

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