Code Checker

The tool called Code Checker checks and possibly repairs some of the formal errors in your source code.


Code Checker should be installed as project, don't use it as dependency.

composer create-project nette/code-checker

Or install it globally via:

composer global require nette/code-checker

and make sure your global vendor binaries directory is in your $PATH environment variable.


Usage: php code-checker [options]

	-d <path>             Folder or file to scan (default: current directory)
	-i | --ignore <mask>  Files to ignore
	-f | --fix            Fixes files
	-l | --eol            Convert newline characters
	--no-progress         Do not show progress dots
	--strict-types        Checks whether PHP 7.0 directive strict_types is enabled

Without parameters, it checks the current working directory in a read-only mode, with -f parameter it fixes files.

Before you get to know the tool, be sure to backup your files first.

You can create a batch file, e.g. code.bat, for easier execution of Code-Checker under Windows:

php path_to\Nette_tools\Code-Checker\code-checker %*

What Code-Checker Does?

  • removes BOM
  • checks validity of Latte templates
  • checks validity of .neon, .php and .json files
  • checks for control characters
  • checks whether the file is encoded in UTF-8
  • controls misspelled /* @annotations */ (second asterisk missing)
  • removes PHP ending tags ?> in PHP files
  • removes trailing whitespace and unnecessary blank lines from the end of a file
  • normalizes line endings to system-default (with the -l parameter)
version: 3.x