Migrating to Version 3.1

Minimum required PHP version is 7.2.

Nette version 3.1 means that you have these packages installed in version 3.1.*:

"require": {
	"nette/application": "3.1.*",
	"nette/bootstrap": "3.1.*",
	"nette/forms": "3.1.*",
	"nette/http": "3.1.*",
	"nette/security": "3.1.*",

Warning: for other packages, install the latest version that Composer will allow! They may have different versioning. Try "*" and see what version Composer installs.

All the name changes mentioned in this document mean that the original names still exist and work, of course, they are just marked as deprecated. You may encounter the IDE visually marking them as deprecated.

Interface Names

Nette has been gradually removing the I prefix from interface names for a long time, for example Nette\Security\IAuthenticator is changed to Authenticator etc. In Nette 3.1, the prefix has disappeared from the names of these interfaces:

  • Nette\Application\IRouter, Nette\Application\IResponse, Nette\Application\UI\IRenderable, Nette\Application\UI\ISignalReceiver, Nette\Application\UI\IStatePersistent, Nette\Application\UI\ITemplate, Nette\Application\UI\ITemplateFactoryNette\Bridges\ApplicationLatte\ILatteFactory
  • Nette\Caching\IStorage, Nette\Caching\IBulkReader, Nette\Caching\Storages\IJournal
  • Nette\Database\IConventions, Nette\Database\ISupplementalDriver (now Nette\Database\Driver)
  • Nette\Mail\IMailer
  • Latte\ILoader, Latte\Runtime\IHtmlString (now Latte\Runtime\HtmlStringable), Latte\Runtime\ISnipperDriverLatte\IMacro
  • Nette\Security\IAuthenticator *), Nette\Security\IAuthorizator, Nette\Security\IResource, Nette\Security\IRole, Nette\Security\IUserStorage *)
  • Nette\Utils\IHtmlString (now Nette\HtmlStringable), Nette\Localization\ITranslator

*) interface with prefix is different than without prefix


  • the Nette\Configurator class has been renamed to Nette\Bootstrap\Configurator to be consistent with the rest of the framework
  • added method addStaticParameters() as alias for addParameters()
  • in parameters passed by the addStaticParameters() or addParameters() method the %parameters% are no longer expanded


  • renamed method Nette\Caching\Cache::start()capture()


  • renamed class Nette\Database\ContextNette\Database\Explorer to be consistent with the name Database Explorer
  • interfaces Nette\Database\IRow and Nette\Database\IRowContainer are marked as deprecated for uselessness
  • MySqlDriver driver uses subqueries
  • SQL statement translator better controls where arrays can be passed


  • cookies are sent with the flag sameSite: Lax
  • cookieSecure is now by default ‘auto’
  • option session.cookieSecure is deprecated, http.cookieSecure is used instead
  • cookie nette-samesite renamed to _nss
  • Nette\Http\Request::getFile() accepts array of keys and returns FileUpload|null
  • Nette\Http\Session::getCookieParameters() is deprecated
  • Nette\Http\FileUpload::getName() renamed to getUntrustedName()
  • Nette\Http\Url: deprecated getBasePath(), getBaseUrl(), getRelativeUrl() (tyto metody jsou součástí UrlScript)
  • Nette\Http\Response::$cookieHttpOnly is deprecated
  • Nette\Http\FileUpload::getImageSize() returns pair [width, height]


  • Decoder: works in UTF-8 mode, throws exception on invalid input
  • syntax \xAA is deprecated in favor of \uAAAA


  • interface Nette\Security\Authenticator differs from IAuthenticator by the signature of the authenticate(string $user, string $password) method
  • interface Nette\Security\UserStorage differs from Nette\Security\IUserStorage
  • renamed the class Nette\Security\IdentityNette\Security\SimpleIdentity so that in the distant future the interface Nette\Security\IIdentity can be renamed to Identity


  • Nette\Utils\Arrays::searchKey() renamed to getKeyOffset()
  • Nette\Utils\Callback::closure() is deprecated in favor of Closure::fromCallable()
  • Nette\Utils\Reflection::toString() appends () after function/method name
  • Nette\Utils\Strings::toAscii() triggers notice when ext-intl is not present